The One With The Lots of Charcuterie

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Charcuterie of the finest quality, made from pasture-raised Rare Breed Tamworth pigs at Close Leece farm on the Isle of Man. Winners of over 20 Great Taste Awards, Close Leece have 14 awards for their charcuterie alone,  including a coveted 3-star award for their Manx Chorizo!

This amazing charcuterie box contains 10 different cured types of meat. You will receive the following:

Manx Kielbasa 100g, Manx Chorizo 100g, Manx Salami Forte 100g, Manx Beef Bresaola 60g. Manx Smoked Vodka ham 60g, Manx Salami 100g, Manx Nduja 100g, Manx Thermonuclear Chorizo 100g, Manx Coppa 60g and Manx Chorizo Extra Piquante 100g.

If you are a fan of charcuterie and would like the best, this box is for you. No filling agents are used - this is charcuterie as it should be.

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