Manx Tamworth Chorizo 100g

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Handmade with pork from our pasture-raised Manx Rare Breed Tamworth pigs. Our Chorizo is slow cured the traditional way and uses authentic Spanish Pimention Paprikas.

Winner of a coveted 3-star award at the Great Taste Awards 2018. 

Great Taste Awards Judge’s comment – “We tried this thinly sliced, then more thickly sliced - and were wowed by this quality chorizo. The warmth of almost roasted garlic and spice was particularly enjoyed. Long, lingering sunny days here.

Handmade on the farm with pork from our pasture-raised Rare Breed Tamworth pigs.

Having been avid fans of European charcuterie for over 20 years we have sampled almost every variation available. A firm favourite is the finest chorizo from Spain. It comes as no surprise then, that the first charcuterie produced by
Close Leece Farm was a Manx Chorizo.

After much experimentation, the production technique and blend were perfected. Only the finest ingredients were considered worthy, from the wine to the various Pimentons. The result is a satisfyingly spicy cured meat, enhanced by the succulent fat of the rare breed Tamworth pigs. Perfect with light-bodied red wines. However, we always prefer a glass of Rioja!

Size: 100g.

Ingredients: Tamworth Pork, Sea Salt, Pimenton paprika, Garlic, Wine, Demerara sugar, Oregano, Cayenne, Dextrose, Curing Salt, Vitamin C.