4 x Skin on Chicken Supreme French Trimmed

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Succulent and tender, these chicken breasts are ideal for roasting in the oven or for pan-frying. 4 chicken breasts.

The French trimmed chicken fillets from the amazing Thatcham Butchers have the skin left on and the wing joint remains attached to the breast. A gourmet restaurant look that is sure to impress any guests.

This is chicken at it's highest quality and with that comes amazing tenderness and flavour!

What is a chicken supreme?

In professional cookery, the term "chicken supreme" (French: suprême de volaille) is used to describe a boneless, skinless breast of chicken. If the humerus bone of the wing remains attached, the cut is called "chicken cutlet" (côtelette de volaille). The same cut is used for duck (suprême de canard), and other birds.

Chicken supremes can be prepared in many ways. For example, supremes à la Maréchale are treated à l'anglaise ("English-style"), i.e. coated with eggs and breadcrumbs, and sautéed. A supreme can be minced resulting in such dishes as suprême de volaille Pojarski. There are also various versions with stuffing. A popular variety is suprême de volaille à la Kiev, commonly known as chicken Kiev, for which chicken supremes are stuffed with butter.

Our chicken

All of our chicken is Highbury Cotswold from Shropshire, Highbury Poultry is a small independent private company with over 50 years’ experience in rearing and producing live poultry. The site is 100% Halal slaughter, higher lever BRC accredited, Red Tractor Approved and HACCP controlled. All their farms are within a 50-mile radius ensuring a full and local provenance. This flavoursome and natural English Chicken has superb taste.