The unboxing experience

Our food boxes aren't just boxes packed with food; they are an experience that you look forward to with each delivery. The unboxing of a food box can be a magical moment; the excitement of new products and brands or receiving a surprise gift from us add to the pleasure!

To the letter

Every box of food that leaves our HQ is accompanied by a personal letter.

Within the letter, you will find information about the products you ordered. If you are keen to learn more about the food you eat, this is a great way to stay educated. We also include company news, discounts and events to help keep you in the mix!

Our CEO, Mark Ridgeon will personally sign your letter, and place it inside your box just before it's closed and sealed. This attention to quality and detail helps to set us apart from other online food providers.

We are striving to be the nations first choice for premium meat, fish, fruit and veg, and we hope you enjoy your experience enough to share us with your friends and colleagues to help us with this quest!

"it's the quality of our produce and the attention to detail that sets us apart"

- Mark Ridgeon

Insulated boxes

We use a range of technology to insulate boxes of fresh and chilled foods, including state of the art sheep's wool insulation that has been verified to keep the contents of our food boxes below 5 degrees, for 36 hours. As all of our food boxes are delivered within 24 hours, you will never experience anything other than complete freshness.

The actual cardboard box itself is, of course, recyclable and reusable. They are double-walled for maximum strength which provides added peace of mind that no damage will occur during transit.

Let's get you started

How it works

Choose your items

You're in complete control and are able to choose your favourites from our range of more than 300 amazing products.

We prepare your boxes

Our wonderful suppliers deliver their products to us every morning and we prepare your box ourselves. We do not keep any fresh items in stock.

Sit back and relax

We will despatch your amazing food boxes the day before your chosen delivery date on a next day delivery. Unpack and enjoy the experience!

Frequently asked questions

Can I subscribe to a food box?

We do not currently offer a subscription service. However, this is under continuous review and could change in the future. Stay up to date by joining our newsletter - enter your email address in the box within the website footer.

Am I able to cancel an order?

We understand that things change and have made provisions for orders to be cancelled just as long as we have not ordered your items from our suppliers. Once your items have been ordered from our suppliers you will no longer be able to cancel your order.

How are the food boxes priced?

All of our food boxes are priced to be at least 30% cheaper than if the items were purchased individually. However, in plenty of cases the items within our food boxes are not available to purchase individually. Our food boxes are premium and high-quality and should not be compared to that of a traditional supermarket.

When will I receive my boxes?

You will receive your food box order on the date you requested it 99.9% of the time. Of course on occasions, there are supplier shortages or courier delays but these are few and far between.