Manx Tamworth Salami Forte 100g

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Handmade with pork from our pasture-raised Manx Rare Breed Tamworth pigs, our slow cured Manx Salami has bold flavours of fennel and pepper as well as a traditional blend of herbs and spices.

Winner of a 2-star award at the Great Taste Awards 2018. 

Great Taste Awards Judge’s comment – "A good looking salami, soft warming garlic fuzzing away through the background, pepper on the tip of the tongue, salty but not overly salty, good, mature, well-aged pork and melting fat. Lingering, some sweetness and also a deeply savoury clean flavour on the palate.

Handmade on the farm with pork from our pasture-raised Rare Breed Tamworth pigs.

Just as we had a demand for spicier chorizo, so we also had calls for a bolder salami. Here we take our classic salami and add a more obvious spice blend to the meat for those with a taste for stronger flavours.

One of our bestsellers - a wonderful lively salami.

Size: 100g.

Ingredients: Tamworth Pork, Sea Salt, Fennel, Black Pepper, Garlic, Wine, Demerara sugar, Oregano, Dextrose, Curing Salt, Vitamin C.


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